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Whether you are preparing for the 11plus at home or with the aid of a tutor, from time to time you may require additional help to overcome certain hurdles such as a subject, a topic, exam nerves or just to see how your child fares against a wider cohort prior to the actual entrance exams themselves. A range of products, services and support is available.

This section of the ElevenPlusExams site lists our professional services and products:

  • 11 Plus Courses
    Register here for our 11 plus courses.
  • 11 Plus Intensive Courses
    Intensive Courses are held during school holidays. They are ideal to help support DIY/home tutoring to ensure your child receives professional teaching in all topics.
  • 11 Plus Mock Exams
    Mock exams are held daily from June onwards and throughout the summer holidays. A good way to give your child experience of a real exam setting to help ease their nerves.
  • 11+ Peer Compare™
    Our innovative leading edge product proving peer comparison reports on your child’s scores against thousands of other children in the First Past the Post® series of 11 plus papers.
  • 11 Plus Apps
    Our Apps for iPad and iPhone help to make learning fun and add variety to your child’s 11 plus practice. Releasing shortly Android apps.
  • 11 Plus Parent Information Evenings
    We hold weekday evening sessions for those parents new to 11 plus and those needing more information relating to their region.
  • 11-Plus Classroom Testing
    There is always room for more quality 11 plus practise material, especially when new exam boards become prevalent. Authors often want their final draft classroom tested which at the same time presents an opportunity for the child to gain additional practice on never before seen questions in an exam type setting. Usually the authors will also provide a feedback service.
  • 11 Plus Newsletter
    Our newsletters contain advice, tips, information and offer.

Many of these services are also applicable to the private school’s Common Entrance Exams, in particular those sat for entry into school year 7.


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