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Admissions for Slough, Langley, Herschel & St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar Schools are managed as a consortium with the four schools using the same test papers.

Parents must complete a registration form and return it to their first choice school, which is where their child will then take the test. The Common Application Form (CAF) must also be completed.

Herschel, Slough and Langley Grammar Schools are enormously over-subscribed, with approximately 10 applicants for every place. St. Bernard’s Grammar School receives approximately 3 applications for every place.

The Slough Consortium changed their entrance exam in 2014 to the CEM 11 Plus by the University of Durham which encompasses verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Please see details here and see FAQs here

There are two 45-50 minute papers with each paper consisting of a mixture of questions testing verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning. The verbal reasoning element includes English comprehension and reading skills. The eligibility score of 111 remains the same.

The 11+ entrance examination used by the Slough Consortium, Reading and Kendrick Schools is a common paper used by a number of grammar schools, sat on the same day. This groups includes Reading School, Kendrick School, Ilford County High School, Woodford County High School and Chelmsford County High School. Candidates who are interested in applying to any of these schools can only sit the entrance examination once. If you are interested in more than one school, you MUST register with EACH school, according to their admissions policy and indicate where your child will sit the test. Your child’s scores can only be shared with those schools for which they are registered.

If a child is registered for more than one school, parents would receive results from each school for which the child is registered. These standardised results may be different for each school, as the same raw score is being compared with the scores of a different cohort of children.

Please visit our region pages for Birmingham and Warwickshire for examples of the CEM 11 plus test.

You should be mindful that not all CEM 11 plus exams will be identical across regions as these tests are produced to the schools’ own requirements, however, there will be similarities. The tests also vary from year to year. Durham University do not publish any papers or books.

It is important to use a variety of practice materials and do some preparation in all subjects, as relying on the purely CEM practice material currently available on the market is not sufficient. Once your child has built up general knowledge you can focus on targeted CEM practice such as cloze passages, comprehensions, numerical reasoning and 3D non-verbal reasoning styles.

ElevenPlusExams have released a number of new titles for the CEM 11 Plus test, which can be found via the links provided below. More titles are scheduled for release this year including English comprehensions and mental arithmetic.

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Admissions Information for September 2021 entry

Closing date for applications 31st October 2020 for Common Application Form
Slough Consortium Schools’ Registration
Online Registration available from TBC
Closing date for test application – TBC
11+ test dates Saturday 12th September 2020
(for all children; in previous years there were two separate dates for children in Slough primary schools and children from other regions.
Test Types CEM (University of Durham) – two papers each one 60-65 minutes. Each paper will contain mixture of verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning questions. The verbal reasoning section includes English comprehension and reading skills. The test will be a mixture of multiple choice and standard format. The weighting applied to each of the three subjects is not known, although the verbal reasoning section is likely to be around 50% of the marks.
Familiarisation Booklet
Examiners CEM (University of Durham)
11 + Test Results TBC
Pass Mark 111 (variable), places are allocated by score. Historical information about allocations can be found below
Allocations 1st March 2020
Appeals Hearings in TBC
Admissions Slough Borough Council
Tel: 01753 875728
Slough Consortium
Recommended Practice Materials CEM Practice Materials For Slough Schools
Maths Practice Materials
English Practice Materials
Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials
Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials

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School Information

School Information Admissions Places Open Event
Langley Grammar School
Reddington Drive,
01753 598300
Admissions Policy 2020 180 places in Year 7 Info Evening: Thursday 2nd May 2019
Open Mornings: Friday 7th June 2019: 9-10am, Thursday 13th June 2019: 9am
Herschel Grammar School
Northampton Avenue,
01753 520950
Admissions Policy 2020 Mixed, 150 places in Year 7 Info Evening: Thursday 2nd May 2019
Open Evening: Monday 16th September 2019, 5-8pm
St. Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School
St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School,
1 Langley Road,
01753 527020
Admissions Policy 2020 Mixed, faith school, admission number 150 Info Evening: Tuesday 30th April 2019
Open Evening: Wednesday 25th September 2019, 6-8pm
Upton Grammar School (previously Slough Grammar School)
Lascelles Road,
T 01753 522 892
F 01753 538 618
Admissions Policy 2021 165 places in Year 7 Info Evening: Thursday 2nd May 2019
Open Evening: Tuesday 1st October 2019, 4-7pm

Information on 2016 entry

School Spaces Applications Eligible Rank Score
Herschel 120 1377 828 117
Langley 150 1415 863 122
St.Bernards 120 812 290 118
Upton Court 145 1435 789 114

Information on 2015 entry

School Spaces Applications Qualified
Herschel 120 985 631
Langley 150 1127 803
St Bernards 120 690 275
Upton Ct 145 1072 648

Information on 2014 entry

School Spaces Applications Qualified Cut off score
Herschel 120 1080 583 114
Langley 150 1122 710 117
St Bernards 120 737 324 114
Upton Ct 145 1156 606 -

Visit the Berkshire section of the 11+ Forum for more information and advice.

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Page updated on 4th February 2020

CEM Practice Materials For Slough Schools

CEM Practice Materials

Maths Practice Materials

Mathematics Practice

English Practice Materials

English Practice

Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials

Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials

Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials

Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Materials