Grammar to Academy Status

In 2010 the government announced that schools would be given the right to apply to become academies. The academies would cease to be under Local Authority control, manage their own budgets, have the right to negotiate staff contracts and opt out of teaching the National Curriculum. Funding would also increase because Academies would receive the monies used by the Local Authority to provide educational services, in addition to the budget already allocated to the school.

It should be noted that this type of academy status differs entirely from the “sponsored academies” that were introduced by the previous Labour government, which were changes of status given to failing schools in an effort to improve standards.

The opportunity to move to academy status was initially given only to schools that were rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED (the Office for Standards in Education), although other schools were able to express an interest. As of 3 December 2010, the Department for Education (DfE) had received 2,280 expressions of interest from schools.

Of those expressions of interest, 1,137 were from schools designated as “Outstanding” by OFSTED, and 1,143 from other schools. By the end of 2010 there were 158 new academies from the “Outstanding” category. These included 18 grammar and partially selective schools . The figure of 158 has been quoted by opponents of the scheme as proof that it is a failure.

The academy scheme has been controversial, not least because there is concern that creaming off the funds used for central educational services to academies would deprive other, more needy schools of resources.
There were also initial suspicions that grammar schools might lose the statutory protection of requiring a parental ballot before they are turned into comprehensive schools. These fears were denied by the government, which claimed that there would be no change to the selection arrangements for grammar schools that chose to convert. These fears seem to have abated, although some grammar schools may have stepped back from the brink while they wait for more clarification.

Supporters of the scheme claim that it puts control back in the hands of those who know best – the Heads and Governors of successful schools.

Schools that have converted to Academy Status

This is the latest list of Grammar schools that have converted to Academies as at April 2012, including three partially selective schools (noted with a *).

No Academy Name Local Authority
1 Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet Barnet
2 Kendrick School, Berkshire
3 Reading School, Berkshire
4 Langley Grammar School Berkshire
5 Herschel Grammar School Berkshire
6 Slough Grammar School Berkshire
7 Bexley Grammar Bexley
8 Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School Bexley
9 Townley Grammar School Bexley
10 Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School Birmingham
11 King Edwards VI Aston School Birmingham
12 King Edward VI Camp Hill School for girls Birmingham
13 King Edward VI Camp Hill School for boys Birmingham
14 King Edward VI Five Ways School Birmingham
15 King Edward VI Handsworth School Birmingham
16 Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls Birmingham
17 Newstead Wood School for Girls Bromley
18 Aylesbury Grammar School Bucks
19 Aylesbury High School Bucks
20 Chesham Grammar School Bucks
21 Dr Challoner’s High School Bucks
22 John Hampden Grammar School Bucks
23 The Royal Grammar School Bucks
24 The Royal Latin School Bucks
25 Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Bucks
26 Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School Bucks
28 Wycombe High School Bucks
29 Queen Elizabeth School Cumbria
29 Colyton Grammar School Devon
30 Devonport High School for Boys Devon
31 Devonport High School for Girls Devon
32 Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy Devon
33 Torquay Boys’ Grammar School Devon
34 Torquay Girls’ Grammar School Devon
35 Bournemouth School Dorset
36 Bournemouth School for Girls Dorset
37 Poole Grammar School Dorset
38 Chelmsford County High School Essex
39 King Edward VI Grammar School Essex
40 The King John School Essex
41 Southend High School for Girls Essex
42 Southend High School for Boys Essex
43 Westcliff High School for Boys, Essex
44 Shoeburyness High School Essex
45 The Crypt School Gloucestershire
46 Marling School Gloucestershire
47 Ribston Hall High School Gloucestershire
48 Pate’s Grammar School Gloucestershire
49 Sir Thomas Rich’s School Gloucestershire
50 Stroud High School Gloucestershire
51 * Watford Grammar School for Boys Hertfordshire
52 * Watford Grammar School for Girls Hertfordshire
53 Barton Court Grammar School Kent
54 Borden Grammar School Kent
55 Cranbrook School Kent
56 Dane Court Grammar School Kent
57 Dartford Grammar School Kent
58 Gravesend Grammar School Kent
59 Highsted Grammar School Kent
60 Highworth Grammar School Kent
61 Invicta Grammar School Kent
62 Mayfield Grammar School (previously Gravesend Grammar School for Girls) Kent
63 Oakwood Park Grammar School Kent
64 Sir Roger Manwood’s School Kent
65 The Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School Federation Kent
67 The Folkestone School for Girls Kent
68 The Norton Knatchbull School Kent
69 Tonbridge Grammar School Kent
70 Weald of Kent Grammar School Kent
71 *Westlands School Kent
72 Wilmington Grammar School for Boys Kent
73 Wilmington Grammar School for Girls Kent
74 Heckmondwike Grammar School Kirklees
75 Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
76 Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Lancashire
77 Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School Lancashire
78 Lancaster Royal Grammar School Lancashire
79 Bourne Grammar School Lincolnshire
80 Caistor Grammar School Lincolnshire
81 Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School Lincolnshire
82 Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy Lincolnshire
83 Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle Lincolnshire
84 Skegness Grammar School Lincolnshire
85 Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar Alford Trafford
86 Chatham Grammar School for Boys Medway
87 Chatham Grammar School for Girls Medway
88 Fort Pitt Grammar School Medway
89 Rainham Mark Grammar School Medway
90 Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School Medway
91 The Rochester Grammar School Medway
92 Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton Surrey
93 Sutton Grammar School Surrey
94 The Tiffin Girls’ School, Kingston Surrey
95 Tiffin School, Kingston Surrey
96 Wallington County Grammar School Surrey
97 Wallington High School for Girls Surrey
98 Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Trafford
99 Altrincham Grammar School for Girls Trafford
100 Loreto Grammar School Trafford
101 St Ambrose College Trafford
102 Sale Grammar School Trafford
103 Urmston Grammar Academy Trafford
104 Queen Mary’s Grammar School Walsall
105 Queen Mary’s High school Walsall
106 Alcester Grammar School Warwickshire
107 Ashlawn School Warwickshire
108 King Edward VI School Warwickshire
109 High School Warwickshire
110 Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School Wiltshire
111 Upton Hall School FCJ Wirral
112 West Kirby Grammar School Wirral
113 Wirral Grammar School for Boys Wirral
114 Wirral Grammar School for girls Wirral
115 The Liverpool Blue Coat School Wirral
116 The North Halifax Grammar School, Calderdale Yorkshire

Page last updated 12th September 2012


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