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Writing on question paper - Parkstone Grammar
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Author:  Kelster1976 [ Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Writing on question paper - Parkstone Grammar

Our daughter is taking the Parkstone Grammar year in September and there is a lot of confusion as to whether she is allowed to do her workings on the 3 question papers. A tutor has told us she cannot write on the question paper and that if she does mark the question paper that she will score 0 marks for the question with the workings on the question paper !!! Does anyone know if she can do all her workings on the question paper or if it has to be done on blank paper ? The front of the practice papers only say “you may do workings on a blank piece of paper”. Surely if they were not allowed to write in the question paper it would categorically say in the front “Do not write on this question paper” ?
Any help would be appreciated as our daughter suffers with anxiety and we do not want any sudden stress or worry on the day if she’s told something different to what she’s been practicing. It’s actually a lot more time consuming doing the workings on blank paper.
Thanks for any help.

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