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Top tables (setting children in primary school)
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Author:  salsa [ Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top tables (setting children in primary school)

mm23292 wrote:
Am interested in Moved's comments regarding class work being marked by children of differing abilities. We've had issues with my daughter having work incorrectly marked by another child in her class. While I understand how cross-marking spelling work or maths answers, can easily be verified, there seems to be more potential for issue with comprehension based work. The child which marks my daughter's work often marks her paper down, and she often has to dispute this with little success.
There seems to be little recourse for teacher intervention, before the scores are all logged and the lesson ends.
I think cross marking can work in certain situations, but certainly needs closer monitoring than seems to be happening with my daughter's class! What happened to the days when teachers marked pupils work?? Or am I really behind with the times.. :shock:

I agree. There are objective things that can be marked by other students, but more complex things which are open to interpretation should be left to the teacher. Unfortunately, teachers do not have time to mark everything as they are overworked. Many of them have to do their marking at home.
My boys are at grammar school and peer marking continues. They are also expected to add how the work would have been improved. The famous "even better if". I don't know if the teachers include these scores in the grades. If they do, I hope they check.
They all have other formal assessments during the year as I hope your daughter would also have. At the end of the day your daughter will have to do SATs which gets externally marked.


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