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Sutton High Junior, Seaton House or Collingwood?
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Author:  ulanata [ Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Sutton High Junior, Seaton House or Collingwood?

Hi everyone. Does anyone have a child in Sutton High Junior School, Seaton House School or Collingwood School? Do you like it?
We are in Carshalton and will need to apply for a reception place next year. I though we would be fine with the one of the good state schools in the area but as our nearest state schools are church ones, we seem to be unlikely to get in (we have not been given a nursery place in any of our nearest schools this year). So I have decided to look at private schools for our daughter as a back up. Sutton High Junior, Seaton House and Collingwood seem to be our closest private schools and I would really appreciate some up-to-date opinions on them!
From my research so far, it seems that Seaton House is the most academic one and considered the best in the area but possibly a "hot house", Sutton High Junior used to have not very good reviews but has improved greatly and is now considered very good all-rounder, Collingwood School is very small and I could not find any opinions on it.
We are equidistant from the girls schools (5mins by bus) and 15mins walk to the Collingwood School, and their fees for the first 3 years are the same, but Sutton High has much better facilities and even the swimming pool, whereas Seaton House and Collingwood are much smaller...
Would really appreciate any recent reviews on the above schools! I think my favourite is Sutton High Junior at the moment...

Author:  NomDePlume [ Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sutton High Junior, Seaton House or Collingwood?

Hello, I have just come across your post and was wondering if you managed to get any feedback about Collingwood School? Thank you very much!

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