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Author:  Marmite7 [ Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  11+ Test Results

Hi everyone,
My son passed the 11+ test with qualifying score. I just found out today, he got 243 and the passing score is 220. I don’t really understand the standardise score and if what he got is consider good, average or above average etc.

My dilemma is with that score, would he be able to survive in grammar school, although I know large part is really down to his willingness to learn but I also don’t want him to fall behind if his score is deem just average.

Not sure if the school will provide me with the raw score and what are the highest score achieved.

My son didn’t have any tutoring but have been heavily doing practise test at home especially leading up to the exam.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light. I know the question may sound silly but any advise would be much appreciated.

Author:  hermanmunster [ Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 11+ Test Results

The score is fine - the school will not have set a pass score of 220 if they felt that pupils at that level would not be able to cope when they get there.

Don't worry about where he came in the rankings - that will not make any difference in the long run

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