Sample 11 Plus Papers

A number of grammar schools and particularly independent schools around the country publish “sample papers” that are helpful in seeing the standard required for the 11+, and in some cases they provide valuable free practice material.

  • St. Olave’s website has sample papers for English and maths relevant to Bromley and also of use in other areas.
  • Haberdasher’s Askes School publishes three full past papers of one hour each for English and maths for the 11+ , and also for entry at 7+ and 13+ in a number of curriculum topics.
  • Dulwich College publishes sample papers of one hour’s duration for English & Maths, and also papers for several curriculum subjects in languages and humanities that may be of interest to parents looking at scholarship exams.
  • Emmanuel School publishes full one hour sample papers for entry at 10+ (which may be a useful tool for assessing your child’s potential for the 11+), 11+ and 13+
  • King’s School in Chester publishes 45 minute sample papers in English and Maths.

You can also download for free, our own ElevenPlusExams practice papers for Comprehension and English.

More free 11 plus papers from various reputable publishers are available on the Free Practice tabs on the left hand menu of this page. You can also purchase 11 plus papers from our 11 Plus Bookshop in book and paper format, interactive software, or as digital downloads (e-Papers).


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Free 11 Plus Revision Aids & Practice Papers

Free Practice Papers

Download our FREE 11 Plus Revision Aids & Practice Papers in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

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