GL-Assessment, NFER and Letts

You will frequently hear of or see references to “NFER” papers in connection with the 11+. NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) used to set the 11+ test papers in the majority of the regions and published key practice papers for the 11+.

Most schools and tuition centres direct parents to acquire these papers however these papers are no longer printed under the NFER name.

The following should clarify the situation:

  1. NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) is an independent educational research organisation with charitable status. In the past, it developed and published 11+ tests, but no longer does so.
    NFER was previously part of NFER Nelson, a test publisher, which sold 11+ tests. In 2000, NFER-Nelson was sold to Granada Learning and in 2007 its name was changed to GL Assessment. NFER has no current connection with 11+ practice papers sold by GL Assessment or Letts
  2. GL-Assessment papers are used in most of the 164 UK Grammar Schools’ selective entrance exams as well as many of the Independent Schools entrance examinations.
  3. Until March 2010 GL Assessment papers were distributed by Letts Educational.
  4. GL Assessment papers are now distributed directly by Granada Learning (GL-Assessment, GL-A).
  5. GL-Assessment have NOT produced any new practice papers; the papers sold for familiarisation are still the same as those sold in 1990s which were labelled 11A, 11B, 11C and 11D in each subject. However they have indicated that in the future they will create more practice papers, hence the new cover designs are called “Pack 1” and the papers in each subject are now labelled in numerical sequence: Paper 1, Paper 2 etc.
  6. GL-Assessment has re-packaged the same pre-existing papers mentioned above under new covers and new ISBN numbers (see table below).
  7. Meanwhile Letts have adopted the same old animal covers (with giraffes, fish etc) they used previously to launch their own new set of 11Plus practice papers. One way to distinguish themselves is Letts have put a bright yellow sticker on the covers indicating “New Papers”, however many parents wrongly assume that NFER have produced a new batch of practice papers. Note – the new Letts 11 plus papers have a different ISBN numbers.
  8. During the transition you can recognise Letts packs distributing GL Assessment papers by checking for the GL-Assessment Logo on the bottom left hand side of the front cover.
  9. The following table shows the equivalent packs (i.e. same contents but different ISBN numbers).
OLD Letts ISBN NEW GL-Assessment ISBN New GL-Assessment Title
9780708703861 9780708719879 Verbal Reasoning Pack 1–Multiple-Choice
9780708703793 9780708719909 Verbal Reasoning Pack 1–Standard
9780708703885 9780708719855 Maths Pack 1–Multiple-Choice
9780708703816 9780708719886 Maths Pack 1–Standard
9780708703878 9780708719862 Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1– Multiple-Choice
9780708703809 9780708719893 Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1– Standard
9780708703892 9780708719848 English Pack 1– Multiple Choice


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