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The 11 plus Non-verbal Reasoning exam typically contains between four to six out of seven question styles depending on your choice of school or Local Education Authority (LEA). It is therefore vital to master the appropriate technique for each style and practice as much as you can.  The Non-verbal Reasoning App contains all the styles.

The question types included in this Non-verbal Reasoning App are:


  • Sequences
  • Related Shapes
  • Shape-Letters
  • Blank Squares
  • Similar Shapes
  • Code Letter Shapes
  • Odd One Out

Test Results with Explanations

The test result page presents an analysis by question showing whether or not the question was answered correctly or skipped. There is also an indication of the time taken to complete each question and the points awarded.   You can choose to review questions answered incorrectly only, skipped only or all the questions. During the review session the question is displayed along with a succinct explanation of the answer at the foot of the screen to help your child understand the logic behind each answer.

Timer Clock

The timer clock is displayed at all times and records the time taken to answer each question as well as the time for a whole test.


There are 3 modes of use. A practice mode allows unlimited time with ability to go back and review previous answers or change them. There are two exam modes, one limiting the time allowed per question and other limiting the time allowed for each test; both exam modes allow the user to choose the time setting.

Points System

We have added a points system to incentivise children to practice by accumulating their points. Points are awarded for correct answers only and the faster the time taken to answer the question correctly the higher the points that are awarded.

Leader Board

The leader board displays the total points accumulated and the total number of tests done by the top 100 users and allows filtering by Boy, Girl or All.   In due course, a regions filter will be enabled showing the top 100 users by region.

Progress Chart

A handy progress chart is viewable for each Question Style test on the My Scores page which displays the results and time taken for the previous 10 attempts at a test.  You can easily see if your child is progressing as the scores should show an increase over a period of time and the time recorded should reduce over time.

All Scores are Saved – Eliminates Cheating

Once a test is opened, the user can only exit the test by submitting their answers which results in the score being saved.  Therefore, if the user hasn’t attempted any questions a zero score will be awarded. This discourages users from reviewing the test questions before actually doing a test because as it will spoil their progress record and points.

On our old apps, the test results page showing the correct, incorrect and skipped  questions, would only be viewable immediately on completion of the test.  As the individual test scores are now saved,  users can review the test results of the last attempt of any test whenever they choose.  This can be useful where the user wants to review the incorrect questions with a parent.

Mock Test

The Mock Test has randomised questions taken from the question database in the app.

Award Certificates

Each test completed generates a results award certificate enabling the user to email or save the certificate.


This new apps allows two users to be registered one device. This is helpful to those parents who have siblings or twins preparing for the 11 plus at the same time. Each user’s scores are stored separately.

Intuitive Design

The design, which makes full use of the Apple iPhone and iPad features, is instinctive to use and has minimal use of buttons in order to keep the child focussed on the question.

Non-verbal Reasoning App Features

✓ All seven types of questions included
✓ More than 200 questions
✓ All questions have an explanation
✓ Challenge time settings in two exam modes
✓ Progress Chart
✓ Randomised questions
✓ Three modes of use
✓ Scores saved
✓ Points System
✓ Award Certificates
✓ Mock Test
✓ Logins for two Users
✓ Optional Sound Effects


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11+ Non Verbal Reasoning Launches


2946 days ago

We’ve just launched our first Eleven Plus Exams App. We’re offering the first few customers the app for free, so don’t delay, visit our Facebook group, find out more and download your free app.

Version History

1.0 Launch version – browse from a selection of styles and tests.

1.1  New icon and splash screen added. New images for example questions showing the correct answer.

1.2 Bug fixes

1.3 iOS 6 update.


24 April 2013 – New App Launched 

1.0 New Launch version – lots of new features added to this brand new app for better user experience, incentive and progress tracking.